About Foundation First Equestrian Centre

Foundation First Equestrian Centre was set up by sisters Holly Bennetts and Sophie Bennetts by combining their experiences and knowledge of different areas of the equestrian industry to create a facility that cares for the the whole horse.

The goal of Foundation First Equestrian Centre is to empower every student and horse that visits us to reach their full potential by focusing on 4 different areas. These 4 areas include making sure horses live in an environment where they have enough movement, a diet that is high in good forage, hoof care that involves conditioning the horses hoof through diet and management to create a strong healthy foot, and horsemanship that includes educating students and caring for the horse mentally, emotionally and their physical fitness.

We offer a range of services accommodating both equestrians that want to bring their own horse for long or short stay, those that don’t have or cannot bring a horse, as well as non-equestrians that perhaps are being introduced to horses for the first time.

Sophie Bennetts

Sophie Bennetts co-founder of Foundation First is a Natural Horsecare Practitioner qualified with the AANHCP and part of the Hoofing Marvellous team. Sophie also specialises in the rehabilitation of horses including those with severe cases of laminitis, hoof problems and lameness issues. Sophie is also a keen horsewoman and a lavel 4 graduate of the Parelli program and so has the tools and patience to deal with trimming equines that can be particularly tricky.

Holly Bennetts

Holly Bennetts co-founder of Foundation First equestrian centre is a 2 star Parelli Professional. Holly has been studying the Parelli Program since 2004 and became an instructor in 2011. During this time Holly has had the opportunity to learn from many different horsemen around the world, including learning from Pat and Linda Parelli. Holly has also had the opportunity to assist many instructors with teaching courses and lessons and assisted a 4-week course at the Parelli Colorado campus in 2014.

“My goal is to have natural horsemanship more accessible for everyone. Whether you are a horse owner or not, my aim is to help you transform your communication with horses so you have a solid foundation that you can then put to purpose in any chosen specialisation.”